What Motherhood Has Taught Me….

A mom shares lessons learned as she juggles her family and career….


July 2015

You mess with my kids, you mess with me….

If my kids are misbehaving or are in the wrong, you can bet I will be all over them and their behavior.  However, if my kids are minding their own business or interacting with their peers in a respectful way... Continue Reading →

I am a Mom – What’s your superpower?

Juggling three kids, a marriage, a career, a house, pets, a mortgage, car payments, financial obligations in general, and all that life has to throw at me; I sometimes feel as though I am a circus act that performs without... Continue Reading →

If I can parent my children why can’t you parent yours….

As the mother of three children ranging in age from 20 months to 9-years-old, I am extremely vigilant when it pertains to my children's behavior, what they are doing, and who they are doing it with.  If we are out... Continue Reading →

A Real Housewife speaks

Let's stop for a moment and think of the practicality and reality of parading around all day in heels and a dress; where lunch dates consist of uninterrupted banter with girlfriends while the children are somewhere off with the nanny.  Please... Continue Reading →

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