Juggling three kids, a marriage, a career, a house, pets, a mortgage, car payments, financial obligations in general, and all that life has to throw at me; I sometimes feel as though I am a circus act that performs without a net.  It’s sometimes very difficult for me to not feel overwhelmed by the enormity of responsibility put upon me and expected of me, by not only myself, but by the members of my household who depend on me.

Moms are of their own special breed.  We are the glue that holds it all together.  We maintain order when there is chaos amongst the clan.  We are the organizers of activities and all that is necessary to keep the family unit running smoothly, the taxi service to school and social functions, the homework enforcers, the human ATMs for all that is needed and some of which is wanted,  the protectors who will stand up for and defend our brood, the ones who are expected to make it all better when the tears come, and the ones who will move heaven and earth to ensure that their children are happy and well-adjusted.

Moms are also the jugglers of many adult responsibilities.  Many of us work two jobs.  We have our full-time job as a mom and then our career, which comes with its own set of demands and obligations of our time.  Most of us are the ones who pay the bills, make/return necessary phone calls, make doctor appointments (and then take the kids to them), clean the house, do the laundry (and then fold it and put it away), go food shopping, cook all the meals, and even fix things that our husbands haven’t yet gotten to yet.  And we can’t forget our husbands – somewhere in the midst of everything else there needs to be the time to reconnect on various levels – especially at the end of a long day or week.

This is not a blog to in any way knock dads, especially for those single fathers out there who are playing both roles.  Dads make their own unique contributions.  However, if you are a mom and this blog hits home with you and you can relate – then you understand exactly what I am saying.

I am a Mom – What’s your superpower?