If my kids are misbehaving or are in the wrong, you can bet I will be all over them and their behavior.  However, if my kids are minding their own business or interacting with their peers in a respectful way and some kid messes with them; you can bet I will be ready to intervene if the situation warrants.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s important for my kids to learn how to handle confrontation in whatever form it presents itself.  This is part of life and growing up.  Yet, if another child is going to escalate that confrontation to a higher level then I will be compelled to step in.  And if the parent of that child has a problem with that – so be it.  Of course, if they were watching how their child was behaving to begin with, then maybe they would have stepped in long before the confrontation escalated.

I refuse to let my kids be bullied.  I will defend my kids when necessary and will offer up no apologies for that.