I am a mom to three awesome kids whose married to a very hardworking man.  Just recently I was blessed with the opportunity to take a step back from my full-time professional career as a Registered Nurse, and focus on what matters most – our family.  While I still work, I do so now in a per-diem capacity, and I am grateful for the time to now participate more actively in our children’s lives.

Throughout my life in general, I have long been looking for a creative outlet for my inner voice; an outlet through which I can express the very crux of what it is that makes me – me.  Subsequently, it is my life experiences as both a mom and a nurse that I will write about as I set out to share my impassioned views, heartfelt emotions, and lessons learned as they relate to my own personal and professional experiences.

It’s my hope that my blog will enable me to connect with other moms who are experiencing similar challenges and successes to those I will be writing about, and ultimately create a network of bloggers with whom I can continue to share with.