There is never a greater feeling than that of the proverbial lightbulb moment.  In scrolling through the different blogs that are out there, I find that I have been inspired on many levels by many different people.  Two blogs in particular hit home for me and made me really reflect upon my life as it pertains to what I ultimately would like to accomplish by the end of it.  One blogger who is both a fellow nurse and mother of three, has made it her mission to travel this year; while another shared her bucket list that included both items that have been met in addition to those yet tackled.  Both women have in essence provided me with the foundational forethought from which I can grow as both a wife and mother by having me identify my passions as an individual.  I am excited to sit down and ask myself, “Given the opportunity, what else would you like to do with your life?”  Maybe it’s something as simple as taking one family vacation every year to more complex things such as running a 5K or going sky diving.  The point is, its time to take stock in what I want for both myself and my family.  What do I value?, what does my family value? what do I want us to experience as a family?, what memories do I want to create? and more importantly – what legacies do I want to leave behind?….

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