If only for a moment we could undue our mistakes, atone for our omissions, and seek true forgiveness and understanding for how we rationalized our actions.  Then maybe, just maybe we could find some peace amongst the voices in our head and dry the tears in our eyes.  We live our lives moment to moment, making decisions and choices based on our values, knowledge, needs, wants, and impulses.  Many times those choices will be to our benefit, yet sometimes the reality is that they will hurt us or those around us –  regardless of what our intentions were.

In our lives, if we are to achieve a level of self-fulfillment while growing and nurturing our relationships, we must be willing to face our shortcomings, accept that our thought-processes may be viewed by others as flawed, and learn to be honest and forthcoming despite our fears that another will react less than favorably to what we have done or said.  There must be the element of truth imbedded in our relationships otherwise they are doomed to fail, for we cannot grow love upon a lie.  There must be a cornerstone of communication or we might as we remain mute and alone.  There must be the ability to accept our imperfections and the conscious effort to learn from them, for only a fool walks down the wrong path twice.  There must be the ability to ask for forgiveness, and the grace to receive it in return.