Some days I just want to let out a scream of frustration at the lack of cooperation I get from my kids. But then I think that a temper tantrum at my age is highly frowned upon and might land me in some type of mental health observation unit. Of course, the more my frustration builds and the closer I am to screaming, the less I stop worrying about this and figure what the hell….I might need just need a little rest.

But in all seriousness, as moms we do our best to have patience with our children and some days lets face it – the well is very low, if not empty.  These are usually the days when I swear my  kids have a running bet as to who is going to send me over the edge first.  Between the “I’m bored” claims or the whining when asked to help out or even the general grumpiness it’s enough to drive a mom to madness.  Where’s the ingenuity to be creative and play with the toys you own?  Where’s the desire to be helpful and pleasant so that I don’t have to lose my cool and become “That Mom” who is viewed both others as “The Crazy Mom.” Maybe it’s the end of summer boredom that has set in for all of us as we are transitioning into the new and impending school year.  Pool days are just about over, football is in full swing, and the opportunities for summer fun have just about come to an end.  With the changing of tide there is bound to be some angst among the troops – at least I tell myself that.  But at some point, when will the overall atmosphere shift into one of helpfulness, resourcefulness, and pleasantry more often than crankiness, resistance and helplessness?

Some days being a mom is frustrating….

But, beneath all of the frustration that comes with the parenting territory, there are three loving kids who still need me to keep it together on all fronts and be the mom that they need me to be.  Some days it’s hard.  Some days I need to remind myself that despite it all, it will always be worth it….