How many times can you heat up a cup of coffee?  Apparently in my household, for me, the answer is – a lot.  Just once I would like to make a fresh cup of coffee and actually finish it before it gets luke-warm or down right ice-cold and I’m forced to stick it in the microwave.  Of course even after it’s been nuked to lava hot, I still can’t seem to finish it before it cools off and I am once again forced to reheat it.  It’s really an utterly ridiculous morning ritual I dance through, but one that speaks to the fact that I just can’t seem to find or make 5 minutes of “self time” to actually sit down and enjoy one 8 oz cup of coffee before life either demands my attention or completely distracts me.  It’s not for lack of trying – believe me.  It’s just that once that nice fresh cup of coffee is ready, magically one of the kids needs something, or the dogs suddenly want to go out, or the phone rings, or I notice something around the house that needs straightening up and I get sidetracked…. you get the idea.  And there that nice delicious cup of coffee will sit, neglected.  At some point after I have either attended to what was needed of me or un-sidetracked myself,  I will spy my coffee cup – usually still half full – and remember that once again I never finished drinking my coffee and the cycle will begin…and repeat….as is going to happen right now.  Time to heat up my coffee….again….