Can someone please explain to me how you can put a pair of socks into the washing machine but by the time you are emptying out the clothes dryer one sock has inevitably gone missing?  There is nothing more frustrating than folding laundry and ending up with a pile of single socks whose mates are no longer accounted for….  Nor will they ever be, because regardless of the fact that you happen to get caught up on your laundry (yes miracles do happen) you never ever seem to locate these missing items.  No matter how many times you feel around the bottom of the washing machine drum or stick your head in the dryer to take a look around – the mystery remains of where all these rebellious cotton cover-ups have fled to.
And while you are pondering how either your washer or your dryer – or even both keep eating your laundry, your also wondering what to do with your growing pile of “sock survivors.”  Of course we as moms are pretty creative in giving any household item a new purpose based on our needs – so these misfits often become part of “wacky sock day,” or become dusting socks, or are used to polish furniture, or even are used to wipe up some greasy mess your husband is creating in the garage.   While we can only hope for a reunion of these M.A.T.D.s, in my household we will just have to settle for frequent trips to the store to bring in more recruits….