You would think that by my third child I would have learned that silence is a major red flag when you have a very active toddler in your household.  In fact, silence should strike fear in your heart and be the very reason you drop everything and go see exactly what they are up to or are, for that matter, into.  However, being that I was in the midst of a major wardrobe malfunction with my oldest child’s football uniform I didn’t pay attention to that silence until it was too late.

Recently my daughter, whose just shy of 21 months, has not only taken an interest in potty training, but she’s decided that she hates to been in a dirty diaper, regardless of what’s in it.  While I am overjoyed at this interest, I am less than thrilled at her approach to the situation, which is to (if you don’t get to her fast enough), pull off her pants and then, yep you guessed it – pull off her diaper.  And if that isn’t bad enough, she will toss her dirty diaper wherever and run around bare assed and laughing as you chase her down.

So today, while my oldest son and I were dealing with his uniform crisis, my darling daughter, who had been protesting rather loudly at being relocated to her pack-n-play became rather quiet.  I erroneously thought, “Oh good, she settled down and found something to amuse herself.”  There was an unfortunate irony to that thought as she did find something to amuse herself with, only it wasn’t what I would’ve hoped for.  Had I checked on her sooner rather than later I wouldn’t have found this out the hard way.  It seems that while I was preoccupied trying to figure out what to do with the uniform crisis that had unfolded, my daughter had not only pooped, but had decided that mommy wasn’t moving fast enough to change her diaper, her very poopy diaper.  By the time I got to her, she was covered in poop.  It was on her hands, up her back, smeared all over the pack-n-play.  It was nothing short of a mini-disaster and I had no on to blame but myself.  If I had only remembered that silence when you have a toddler is just plain suspicious…..