Sometimes amidst all of the chaos that is my life, the only tranquility that I can claim for myself is this time – the stolen 5 or 10 minutes in which I can express my feelings, vent my frustrations, share my triumphs, and admit my failures as both a wife and a mother.  While I write for myself as a means to reflect on who I am and forge ahead on the path of personal growth; I have found that the path that I am on is shared by many.  If what I write inspires others, by adequately conveying just the right amount of my life experience, mixed with a little bit of humor, some impassioned views, some heartfelt emotion and of course lessons learned then I welcome you to share my journey.  It is my sincere hope that my words might strike a cord with you and offer you a laugh, a nod of understanding or a feeling of “thank god it’s not just me.” I tend to blog frequently, or at least as frequently as my life allows me the material to do so – with three children there is often a lot to say – and it my hope to continue to be able to do so as often  as the opportunity presents itself.

As you read my blog I also welcome you to check out my weekly feature that I have started as well – as it is my hope that it will gain some momentum and grow as well….