They may try my patience throughout the day.  The may be loud, intense, demanding, needy, and inquisitive.  They may be full of energy, high-spirited, occasionally whiney, and sometimes rude.  They may zap my energy, test me often, and push me to the edge of crazy.


They also are full of love, full of smiles, caring and compassionate of others.  They try their best and always want to please me.  They want my approval, want my attention, and want my time.  They are the best of me.

Sometimes I lose site of the joys of being a mom when I find myself overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with this role.  Yet at night after I have put my kids to bed and am tucking them in one last time; I am overcome with a sense of peace as I look at their sleeping faces.  They are so angelic in their slumber that my heart swells with love for these three little people who I just adore.  No matter what has happened during the day, their faces in these moments erase my frustrations and make being a mom so worth it.