I freely admit that I have been burning the candle at both ends and it’s starting to show.  With the kids back in school I’ve added overseeing homework (just shoot me now) and making lunches to my already lengthy list of mommy responsibilities; that include but are in no way limited to laundry (doing it, folding it, and if I am lucky putting it away where it actually goes), cleaning the house, making dinner, doing the dishes, and chasing around a toddler who in no way wants to stay in one place and who is all about making messes.  Then there are my shifts at the hospital, renewing some of my specialty certifications, and teaching both computer training to new hires and Basic Arrhythmia to nursing staff.  Late nights coupled with early mornings have taken such a toll that today I fell asleep while listening to my oldest son read me his current event article.  I keep telling myself to get to bed early (or at least at by 10 – which is early in mommy hours) but there is just so much to do that I often sacrifice sleep for progress.  Maybe however I would be more productive if I would just let things go long enough to get some sleep….