I am beginning to think that I truly didn’t appreciate being a kid when I was one; and ironically am wishing more often than not that I could go back to that time and savor every single moment that wasn’t fraught with adult responsibility.  Between running a household and all that that entails (i.e. general maintenance, cleaning, laundry, paying bills, cooking, dishes, etc.), working per diem, juggling the kids homework with their after-school activities, and now refinancing our mortgage – I am hard pressed to find any enjoyment in adulthood.  If I don’t maintain the set level of required responsibility, not only will things not get done – but the consequences are far greater now than they were when you were a kid.  Back then you might have been grounded or had something you loved taken away if you didn’t finish your chores or got a crappy grade on a test – nowadays shirking your duties puts you at risk for household chaos and financial ruin.

So why was I in such a hurry to grow up?  Can someone please remind me what was so great about working, getting mail that solely consists of bills and nothing fun, trying to understand complex financial mumbo jumbo, doing homework with your kids that someone decided to modify to the point that you can’t even seem to do simply math anymore, and checking the same tasks off my imaginary to-do list day in and day out.

And while I certainly know that there are positive things that are truly great about being an adult; sometimes they get lost among all that adulthood is and leave me wishing that I could be that child who played outside all day without a care in the world.