So who takes care of mom when mom is sick?  Ahhh the million dollar question.  Especially if you are thinking, “Wait – mom can get actually sick and be sick at the same time?”  As moms let’s face it, we might get sick but rarely, if ever, are we actually allotted the luxury of being sick.  Dads, and no offense, this is a lost concept on you because the slightest sniffle and you are holed up in bed as if you are dying a horrible death that has under the current circumstances rendered you incapacitated.  For moms it is very different.  There is no “resting” and there certainly are no “sick days” when you’re a mom because let’s face it, shit still needs to get done.  There are kids to feed, to bathe, to run to after-school activities, and to do homework with; and then there are the million other adult responsibilities (i.e the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, etc) that are demanding your attention simultaneously in the delicate balancing act you call mother-adulthood.  So when we moms are afflicted with some ailment, we don’t put our pajamas back on, climb into bed, and call it a day; but rather we frantically rummage through the medicine cabinet taking as much of whatever it is we can find, in the acceptable combinations, at the allowed dosages to soothe our symptoms.  Our noses might be red, our eyes watery, and our heads heavy but it’s still game on…..