So after my horrific monthly hormonal upheavals led me to ask my doctor if I ‘d finally gone off the deep end and I learned instead that I had PMDD….

After doing battle with the insurance company who (unbeknownst to me must have obtained a medical degree) declined to cover the medication that my physician wanted to put me on, and instead sent her a list of those medications which they would cover and she’d need to choose from…

And, after waiting one extra month to start this new medication because the pharmacy was initially unable to obtain it in time for me to start it at the appropriate time of my cycle for that month…..

Finally, just last week, I was able to begin what I truly hope for me will be a    journey of calm.  While I am sure that it’s probably too soon to make any declarations of success or failure, and whether or not it’s currently all in my head, I do feel slightly different.  It’s as if a generalized calm has settled over me.  This is not to say that I don’t react and experience my usual emotional variabilities, but they don’t seem to be as exaggerated.  My reactions to events, occurrences, and antagonistic issues seemed to be less intense and more manageable – which for me is monumental.

So, while it’s still early on in this medication transition, I am cautiously optimistic that these early positive signs will be the emotional corralling that I have been seeking.  Only time will tell if this is the answer for me….