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December 2015

When your husband proposes a weight-loss challenge….it’s GAME ON!!!

Having never fully lost all of the baby weight I gained with my daughter (yeah she turned two several weeks ago), constant snacking throughout the day (such a bad habit I somehow picked up), and eating meal proportions beyond what... Continue Reading →

I gave my kids “The Gift of the Know” for Christmas…

As my boys get older, I wanted to give them something for Christmas that was more than toys, or clothes, or tangible materialistic items to be unwrapped.  So I gave them "The Gift of the Know."  The Gift of the... Continue Reading →

Savor the moments that will soon be just memories…

Time is an elusive concept.  We wish we had more of it, or it flies by to fast, or then we take it for granted, or it drags on.....  With the holidays fast approaching, I am once again reminded that... Continue Reading →

Questions I ponder as both a wife and mother….Part 3

Why, if you are going to complain about all of the laundry that is piling up don't you go down to the washing machine and throw a load in for me? Why if you are going to complain that all... Continue Reading →

Questions I ponder as both a wife and mom – part 2

1.  Why is nothing I do ever important enough to not be interrupted, but when I am summoned by anyone in my family I'm supposed to drop whatever it is I'm doing and rush to their side for immediate assistance?  2.... Continue Reading →

Questions I Ponder as a Wife and Mom…

1.  Why am I the only one who can change the empty roll of toilet paper?  2.  Why am I the only one who can do laundry, and do it correctly - that is, separate the whites from the colors?... Continue Reading →

Childproofing your chocolate stash….

Very rarely do we as moms get to enjoy some small food indulgence (usually that indulgence is candy) without feeling the longing stares of those multiple pairs of little eyes boring into our very beings - silently pleading for a... Continue Reading →

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