Very rarely do we as moms get to enjoy some small food indulgence (usually that indulgence is candy) without feeling the longing stares of those multiple pairs of little eyes boring into our very beings – silently pleading for a bite, a taste, or a lick of whatever it is we are attempting to enjoy.  Ultimately, because we are moms, we end up sharing whatever it is with our children (assuming we can) – but let’s face it – sometimes we just want to selfishly savor something without having to divide it up a million different ways.

Or quite possibly we don’t even get to the indulgence because someone in the household has already taken it upon themselves to eat it right out from underneath us.  Yes, there is nothing worse than looking forward to that candy bar (a treat that every so often I will crave) only to find out that tiny vultures made off with it just prior, leaving nothing but an empty wrapper on the kitchen counter to showcase “their kill.”

My girlfriend recently shared with me her “mommy chocolate protection vault” as I will call it.  I think it’s rather ingenious and give her kudos for her creativity.  Since there is a good chance it will also keep her chocolate safe from her husband maybe I should instead call it the “mommy/husband chocolate protection vault.”  Either way it’s awesome and very effective in her household.  So go for it moms – find that secret place and stash your stash…..