1.  Why is nothing I do ever important enough to not be interrupted, but when I am summoned by anyone in my family I’m supposed to drop whatever it is I’m doing and rush to their side for immediate assistance? 

2.  Why the moment I step into the bathroom does everyone else suddenly have to go as well? 

3.  Why, even after I have just done a food shopping, does everyone complain that there’s nothing to eat?

4.  Why do my kids think that giving me attitude is acceptable but that being punished for their attitudes makes me unfair?

5.  Why, despite a room full of toys and other activity outlets do my kids constantly complain that they are bored?

6. Why do foods that my kids love one day, they suddenly hate and refuse to eat the next?

7.  Why do my kids tell me that they’re full and cannot possibly finish their dinner, and then half an hour later complain that they are starving?

8.  Why is everything a crisis?

9.  Why does asking you to do your homework result in your having a meltdown? 

10.  Why do my kids expect me to tell them the answers for their homework?

11. Why does my asking for help around the house from anyone in my family result in eye rolling, moans & groans?

12.  Why, if you can make a mess, can’t you clean it up? 

13.  Why, when my husband finally helps clean up around the house does he suddenly feel the need to point out and comment on all those things I have not yet put away or gotten to?  

14.  Why is my stuff clutter and junk and your stuff priceless treasures?

15.  Why does my husband have to shave right after I just cleaned the bathroom sink?

16. Why does your lack of planning constitute an emergency on my part?

17. Why doesn’t motherhood come with real superpowers – Like the ability to read minds or fly?