1. Why, if you are going to complain about all of the laundry that is piling up don’t you go down to the washing machine and throw a load in for me?
  2. Why if you are going to complain that all your clothes are dirty and that you have nothing to wear, don’t you read #1 on my list?
  3. Why do I practically have to drag my children out of bed on a school day, but on the weekend they voluntarily get up at some ungodly early hour?
  4. Why can’t my house stay clean for longer than a hot 5 minutes?
  5. Why, if the morning routine is the same every single day, do my kids look so surprised when I ask them if they have brushed their teeth?
  6. Why can’t someone in my family just answer my questions with  polite responses rather than snotty retorts?
  7. Why did I sign up to be the craft mom at my son’s Holiday Party when I could have so easily read the class a story instead?
  8. Why don’t my kids realize that I can’t be late to work any more than they can be late to school?
  9. Why is it not acceptable to feed them chicken nuggets and french fries every night ? – at least I know they will eat that…
  10. Why must my toddler peel a banana, take one bite, and then tell me she doesn’t want it?
  11. Why don’t my kids eat the fruit I pack them?
  12. Why can’t anyone in my household rinse the toothpaste foam that they spit out of their mouths and into the sink, down the drain?
  13. Why is there only one volume of noise in my house – that of loud?
  14. Why can’t all of my children be good at the same time?
  15. Why when I forget to do something is it a monumental and catastrophic issue but you forget to do something it’s my fault for not reminding you?
  16. Why can’t all of my children be in a good mood at the same time?
  17. Why can’t my family look more put together and less dysfunctional when we are out in public?
  18. Why can’t I have nap-time? (probably because I still have that laundry to do)…
  19. Why do I bother putting my kids clothes neatly in their drawers if they are just going to grab their clothes out and stuff them back in without a care?
  20. Why can’t anyone find anything in this house other than me?