Time is an elusive concept.  We wish we had more of it, or it flies by to fast, or then we take it for granted, or it drags on…..  With the holidays fast approaching, I am once again reminded that time, for me, is moving way to fast.  My boys are growing up fast and my little one, who just turned two, seems to demonstrate a wisdom well past those two small years.  Soon all that is the present will be nothing more than memories of the past…..

As a mom I find it very challenging to be cognizant of and appreciate my kids when I am fumbling through homework time, running each of them to their respective after-school activities, trying to be their mom and enforce the rules, or just trying to stay on top of the business of their lives.      It’s hard not to feel bogged down in the task-orientedness of motherhood.  How can I enjoy my kids when the list of motherhood-to do’s is so overwhelming?  And how can I enjoy my kids when at times their responses are less than appreciative, less than respectful, and less than helpful.  Yet there needs to be a balance AND I need to be the one to create it, to foster it, and to maintain it – somehow, someway… I need to embrace the present and make the time, to enjoy this time.  I need to make more a conscious effort to relax and go with the flow.  I need to laugh more, yell less, and shrug off a few more things than I do.  I need to not be so serious, so regimented, and such a “stick-in-the-mud” as my grandmother would’ve said.  Easier said then done when there is so much required of me, yet it is apparent that how I am and how I react affects the functionality of my household.

Time marches on as I try to figure out motherhood.  Time will continue to do so regardless of whether or not I adjust and adapt.  So once again, at this holiday season, I will remind myself to savor each moment, to slow down, and to appreciate my blessings because they are fast becoming nothing but memories.