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January 2016

Update: Treadmill assembled!!!

Okay, so after looking at it in the box for over a month I decided that it was time to take the initiative and try to assemble my treadmill.  I am happy to report that while it took about two... Continue Reading →

Why is it that…?

Murphy's law dictates that you will finally have a fabulous hair day right before you go for your long awaited hair cut. 

Words of wisdom, Pearls to ponder

Stop having expectations of your life, in your relationships, and in your career and you will minimize your disappointments....

The doctor’s appointment joke…

   I finally broke down and made a doctor's appointment today.  After 2 weeks of coughing and hacking my brains out I decided that I had had a enough and I'd better go get checked out.  Even though I was... Continue Reading →

I divide up my days…

As a mom of three very active children I like to divide up my days in various time increments in an effort to maintain some level of what sanity I have left.  That is, when I wake up at that... Continue Reading →

Time out – Mommy’s sick

   When you're sick with any ailment, a headache, the common cold, the flu - etc... all you want to do is to curl up in your bed and rest - uninterrupted for an undisclosed amount of time up until... Continue Reading →


I work with sick people on a daily basis. I am routinely subjected to some pretty nasty and resilient germs as patients cough in my face, breathe all over me, and at times puke in my direction. Despite all of... Continue Reading →

What every mother wishes for…

Aside from the obvious,  that of  happy, well-behaved, well-mannered, well-adjusted, socially-accepted, and successful (as defined by your own personal beliefs on what constitutes success) children I often find myself wishing for the following:  A chance to finish a cup of... Continue Reading →

It is inevitable that…

It is inevitable that your child will become sicker, to the point that you need to make them a doctors appointment, only after the office has closed for the day, on the day you were off, with you scheduled to... Continue Reading →

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