1. How is it that I have to clean my house every single day?  And if I clean my house every single day, how then can it still be dirty?
  2. How come the tube of toothpaste looks as if it were the victim of a strangling?
  3. How come my kids can’t neatly take a shirt or pair of jeans out of their drawers without crumpling up every other piece of clothing around the one they’ve chosen?
  4. Why is cleaning up after yourself a foreign concept?
  5. How come right after I vacuum or sweep does one of my kids drop something all over the floor requiring me to repeat the process?
  6. Why does the statement “It’s time for bed” automatically generate the response, “But I haven’t had my snack”?
  7. Why is my children’s favorite response, “I’ll do it later”?
  8. Why, when I ask my kids to give me 5 minutes to finish what I am doing, do they incessantly drive me crazy until I have to abandoned what it was I was doing to deal with their issue?
  9. Why can’t I get five minutes alone in the bathroom without someone banging on the door with some dire emergency?
  10. Why are my kids so impatient?
  11. Why can’t I get through one cup of coffee without having to reheat it up at least 3 times?
  12. How is it I so rarely get to sit down at meal times and often find myself eating standing up?