To your kids….

Snow days are wonderfully perfect days to run amuck, create chaos, fight and bicker amongst themselves, and ultimately proclaim loudly how bored they are despite the fact that they could either go outside and play in the snow OR play with the 52 million toys they have spread out throughout your house….

To you….

Snow days are a torturous and cruel form of parental punishment in which you have to monitor and redirect pent up energy, referee your kids interactions because playing “nicely” seems to be a foreign concept, and deal with the persistent whining of “how bored” they are (despite the fact that they could either go outside and play in the snow or god forbid with the houseful of toys you are living in).   If they do actually go and play outside you are responsible for the wintery clothing prep which takes at least a good half hour by the time you get them all bundled up and locate those few missing items – like the stray boot or glove that just wasn’t in the bag with all the other winter items.  This wouldn’t be so bad if they actually stayed outside for longer than a hot 5 minutes before re-entering your house a soggy mess.  Now you must deal with the snow-covered winter clothing, which despite your instructions as to where to remove and leave them ultimately ends up in a wet mess on your kitchen floor.  Once instead they are like mini-tornados ripping through your house and leaving a mass of toys and destruction in their wake.  All you desire is 5 minutes of peace and quiet and instead your household is a cross between a WWE event and the presidential primary – which leaves you wondering how they actually behave in school.  Obviously they must behave to some degree or the teacher would have contacted you so why can’t they get along at home????  All of this leaves you frazzled and on the verge of verbal harangue in a feeble and ill-fated attempt to regain control of your household.  Subsequently snow days are reasons why glasses of wine are more readily consumed and bedtimes come a lot earlier.