My “Mother” resume is growing.  Last week I unclogged the drain in the bathtub – all it took was some choice words, a lot of elbow grease, a mix of baking soda and vinegar, and then some good ol’ Liquid Plumber.  Tonight I successfully unjammed the garbage disposal – thank you Youtube – after my son accidentally dropped a bowl into the sink and the shattered glass got in all the disposal gears.  Sigh.

When did I become so damn handy?  Besides cooking, cleaning, general yard-work and lawn maintenance, homework detail, diaper duty, carpools, school projects, home improvement undertakings that include but are not limited to spackling and painting, and minor carpentry and masonry repairs; home decorating,  and now plumbing and whatever the hell category the disposal fell into, I am becoming extremely well-rounded and very versatile.  With the exception of electrical endeavors, which I will never touch, I have amassed quite the resume of super-skills.  So yes, I will take this moment to pat myself on the back because quite frankly I deserve it.  So does every mom who keeps their household afloat in whatever ways necessary to maintain the status quo.  We are so much more that “just a mom.” Our skill sets go way beyond the traditional roles that we were once pigeon-holed to, and are pretty darn amazing.  In fact, every mom I know is a walking circus act of talents that only another mom can fully comprehend and appreciate.  Sorry men, but I am not sure that you will never truly be able to grasp all that we really do do…despite your best efforts, even on your best day.  We as moms are a force to be reckoned with, acknowledged, respected, and admired – every single day of every week, all year long!