1.  …Call my name “Mom?”…I answer “What?” … No response. This whole interchange repeats a few more times until I am now yelling “What do you want? And why aren’t you answering me?”

I am then met with either a “Nevermind” or a “Why are you yelling at me?” Grrrr.

2.  ….think I am going to tolerate their talking back when every other time before that clearly did not end end in their favor?

3. …think that asking me something a million times will somehow change my initial answer?

4.  ….think that having a meltdown will make me change my mind?

5.  …find the most inopportune times to need me to solve their problems?

6.  …think that a closed bathroom door is an open invitation to barge in?

7. …think that good behavior entitles them to a treat?

8. …not understand that rules and consequences are in place for their well-being – not because mommy likes to be mean?

9.  …feel the need to stockpile their dirty clothes under their bed rather than put it in the hamper 5 feet away?