Okay, so currently I am waiting for a service technician to come back out to my house to fix the internal control board on my furnace.  The problem happened yesterday and the technician that came out last night didn’t have the part needed to fix it.  Okay I get it.  So I had to call first thing this morning to find out what the status of this repair was going to be.  The customer service representative I spoke with took a message and told me the service that the service technician would get back to me.  An hour and a half later when no phone call came, I called back and was told that I was next on the list of service calls; that the technician was currently on a call and then needed to pick up the part required for my repair and would then be coming to my house.  That was at 9:15 this morning.  When I politely inquired about what time that might be I was told that he should be out by lunch time or so.  Now it’s almost 1:30.  The day is shot.  I had to juggle around other commitments and still I am waiting.

As I write this, ironically the technician has just pulled up to my house – maybe I should play the lottery tonight.  Of course he comes with the news that the part that went on my furnace is not covered under my service plan – shocker :-(.  And then, to top it all off, the part that went may very well have blown out the external control board which is also not only not covered under my service plan but is even more expensive than the internal control board.  He won’t know that though until he fixes the internal control board.  The news just keeps getting better and better….. Just shoot me….