I have thoroughly enjoyed watching many of the Summer Olympic events on TV.  The talent and athleticism of each of the athletes is incredible; and I applaud all the hardworking men and women who have trained for years just for the opportunity to represent their countries and go for the gold.

Having said that, while on the phone tonight with one of my best friends (also a mom) I jokingly said, “I wish that there was a “Mom’s Olympics” Lord knows my athletic days are behind me.  And lately I can neither find the time nor make the time to even go for a walk.  But if you created events such as the one’s I’ve listed below I might have a slight chance of walking away victorious….

Proposed Mom Olympic Events….

  1.  Food shops with 3 children in tow and manages to make it out of the store before one has a meltdown – all while doing so in a timely fashion and within the allotted monetary budget
  2. Successfully goes to the bathroom without one or more of the kids barging in.
  3. Makes and completes an important phone call without being interrupted by any children
  4. Makes dinner for the entire family AND actually gets to sit down and eat it while its still hot AND before everyone else finishes and attempts to leave the dinner table.
  5. House cleaning with a toddler on the loose – can you clean it before they destroy it?
  6. Magically takes some random remaining leftovers and turns it into a gourmet meal
  7. Gets everyone to bed on time and still has a few remaining moments for herself.
  8. Survives homework time without alcohol and a meltdown (yours not theirs)
  9. Successful gets children (and husband) to put dirty dishes into the dishwasher (not the sink)


Got any to add?  Feel free….

Know which event you’d do well in… please share