Recently I was forced to take a long hard look at my career and make a decision about what it is that I wanted. Months prior I had been asked to take on some additional responsibilities and did so; but with some reservations.  Working three 12-hour shifts a week has always afforded me the flexibility to be available to my family.   Taking on these additional responsibilities would impact that availability, and I didn’t want to be put in a position that demanded my presence at my job well-beyond what I knew I could give.  I had expressed this concern when I accepted these responsibilities and was assured that it wouldn’t be an issue.  Unfortunately however it soon became apparent that the demands on my time were not only superseding what I could give, but coming at the expense of my family.  So I did what needed to be done – I stepped down.

I have never been one to walk away from an opportunity for professional advancement – until now.  My stepping down was actually a moment of clarity as I finally admitted to myself that at this current point in my life I have no desire to elevate my professional career past where it is at this time.  I have no interest in working hours beyond what is required of me when it comes at the expense of my family.   I am in fact, at a point in both my life and my career where my family is my focus and my career is just one piece of who I am.  Don’t get me wrong, I will always fulfill my professional obligations and expand upon my knowledge base so that I can provide the best care possible to my patients.  However as much as I love being a nurse and helping people, I love being a mom and wife more.  My husband and my kids need me and I need them.  I will never apologize for ensuring that I have this balance.