As wonderful as it is to “Google something” and have answers immediately, this instant accessibility has, in my opinion, done a great disservice to my children.  In essence, this accessibility has fostered a generation of ignorance.  This is not to say that my children are ignorant – because clearly they are knowledgeable; but rather to say that there is an ignorance that exists when it comes to assimilating information for the purpose of deducing the answers independent from the influence of the internet.  The instant gratification of having the answers at their fingertips has detracted from their desire to delve into existing information so as to formulate answers based off of known facts.  While certainly there is a convenience factor to ensuring that they get answers quickly, I want my children to be able to sort through various credible readings and information so that they might be able to integrate what it is they have read, in an effort to come up with answers based on their abilities to process, assimilate, and deduce.  I guess you could say that I want them to use their brains and think for themselves, not just write down an answer because it’s handed to them online.  I am concerned that the ability to assimilate and apply information to solve a problem is becoming a lost art with the generation of today.

I want the best for my kids.  And in wanting the best for them, I want them to be able to use the tools that are out there to assist them in their way of thinking, not stunt their mental growth by making things easy for them.  I want them ask questions and be challenged to process through information as they seek out the answers, not settle for the first quick answer that they are given.  I want them to know not only how to look for information, but be able to determine the validity of that information and in turn use it to formalize their answers, or if applicable use it to ask more questions.

We’ve created a culture of immediate gratification on multiple levels.  The mentality of do it faster and do it now has come at a price, and if we are not careful, the tide is going to turn and the result will be less than favorable.  The humanity behind our actions and abilities cannot be overshadowed by technology if it comes at the cost of our intelligence.