A compilation of words, phrases, and sounds both I and my fellow mom friends have heard over the years….Feel free to add your own….

  1. “I don’t feel so good.”
  2. “I’m think I’m gonna throw-up.”
  3. The sound of vomiting.
  4. “But why?”
  5. “Please can we keep it?”
  6. Dead silence – after all silence is very suspicious with kids.
  7. “I don’t care.”
  8. “Hey mom (at 7:30 pm on a Sunday night) – I need to go to the store and get  some supplies for my school project which is due tomorrow.”
  9. Child offers to help you do some chores around the house.  You assign them a chore to do.  “But I don’t want to do that.” 😦
  10. Child begs you to let them rake the leaves in the yard.  You reluctantly agree knowing full well what the outcome will be.  Sure enough, ten minutes later not only do you not hear any raking going on anymore but they are standing idly in the yard complaining that they are tired.
  11. “I’m soooooo bored.  There nothing to do.” – usually a statement made while they are standing amidst a room full of toys and books.
  12. “Check my forehead – I know I have a fever.” Yep ice cold – just as I suspected.
  13. “I have nothing to wear.” – said while standing in front of a closet full of clothes
  14. “So and so is a jerk” – a few days pass….”Can I go play with so and so (the same one that was just a jerk.”
  15. “But why do I have to brush my teeth?” – seriously as if this is even a question to be asked.  The same thing goes for showering.
  16. “Mom, my teacher wants to talk to you on Monday morning.”  Of course she does…
  17. “Can I borrow some money?”
  18. Said while eating dinner, “I’m full (plate still half full)” Swears they can’t possibly eat another bite and nods head when told that they better not ask for something to eat later…….A half hour later “Mom I am starving.”  Shocker – never saw that one coming.


And a final one – though it’s for us wives and significant others – “Honey I don’t feel so good.”  Might as well pack your bags right there and go to a hotel and hide out until his case of the sniffles has passed.  After all, there is nothing worse than a grown many proclaiming that he’s dying from a stuffy nose.