1.  Inevitably after you clean the entire house your kids will want a snack, and usually it will be crackers or something similar that leaves lots of crumbs.
  2. My husband deals with the kids a fraction of the day and often runs out of patience in that short time – but has the nerve to ask why I am on the verge of insanity.
  3. Food shopping has taken on a whole new meaning now that my toddler refuses to stay in the cart.
  4. You make them dinner, they tell you they hate what you made them and refuse to eat, and then the next night request that very same meal.
  5. Asking “why” of your children is a very useless question.
  6. I can only imagine what I look like to others when I take my three kids out to the store (notice I didn’t say I cared)
  7. I can piss my kids off just by asking them if they brushed their teeth or made their bed.
  8. I now smell my kids hair when they get out of the shower because apparently using shampoo is viewed as optional.
  9. I also request to smell their breath after they supposedly brush their teeth because toothpaste seems to also be a tricky concept.
  10. Common sense seems to be something my kids are lacking.
  11. Just once I want to make dinner for only myself, sit down to eat, give an evil laugh and eat my food while its still hot – all while my family looks on in confusion and amazement.
  12. Why am I the only one that recognizes when the garbage needs to go out?
  13. There are many days when coffee won’t even come close to cutting it.
  14. Not even the bathroom offers the solace it once did…
  15. My cleaning technique is now to walk around with a garbage bag.  Hey I gave you a warning….