What Motherhood Has Taught Me….

A mom shares lessons learned as she juggles her family and career….


March 2017

Defining Moments…

I am honestly not sure why it is I chose to become a nurse.  If you ask my best friend from high school what career path she thought I would have chosen she wouldn't say nursing, but rather she tell... Continue Reading →

More Points I Ponder as a Both a Wife and Mom…The Saga Continues…

 If my toddler is gonna end up in my bed every night then why at least can't I end up with her upper half snuggled against me rather than her feet kicking me in the head? Why when I tell... Continue Reading →

Raising Awareness to Online Dangers…When Your Parental “A” Game is Really Just a “C Minus”

I consider myself a vigilant parent.  I have to be considering that just about everything my kids do is in some way intertwined with technology - which let me just say that I hate with a passion.  Gone are the... Continue Reading →

Every Husband Should be Just a Little Jack Pearson….

For anyone that's watched the show "This Is Us" you know what I am talking about.  It's near to impossible to watch the show and not think "I wish my man was a little more Jack Pearson."  After all, Jack... Continue Reading →

Entitlements of a Mom….

Motherhood comes with many entitlements that may not be understood by some - but will definitely be understood by other moms.  They are as follows....  It is perfectly acceptable to hide chocolate from both your kids and your husband and... Continue Reading →

House Sold on a Contingency… Life Hangs in the Balance….

A while back I posted that we were looking to move and had put our house on the market.  Keeping the house clean was no small feat with three very active kids (and one messy husband - sorry honey but... Continue Reading →

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