While I would love to say “it’s official”, I will reserve those words for our closing after we have signed on the proverbial dotted line.  Instead I will continue under the guise that we are under contract with both our current house and the house we are purchasing and if no other curve balls come our way we are expecting to close and move mid-June.   Despite this entire process being fraught with stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and monetary aggravation (I will save that story for another time) I am secretly bursting with anticipation and excitement at our impending move.  Here’s why:

  1.  We will finally have more than one bathroom in our house.  No longer will I have to bargain for position or deal with banging on the door to either ask someone or be asked by someone to “Hurry Up!”
  2. All of our doors will have locks on them – this is especially important when it comes to the bathroom (yet again) door.  It became even more apparent today how truly excited I am to move when even my dogs managed to nudge open the door while I was in there.  If it’s not the kids it now is the animals – there is no peace, no privacy, and no personal space in our current home – but only for a little longer!!!
  3. My kids might finally have normal bedtimes.  With the boys bedrooms currently being on the main floor (right next to the living room and one and only bathroom) and my daughter’s bedroom being upstairs, bedtime is a nightmare.  The boys have trouble falling asleep because of the noise from the activity on the main level and my daughter doesn’t want to be upstairs alone by herself without her brothers.  I am hoping that with everyone on the same floor we can get into a routine and bedtime will take on a whole new meaning and go a whole lot smoother.
  4. Did I mention locks on the doors???? Currently the boys go into their rooms to do their homework and my daughter wants to be with them so the yelling begins.  It will be awesome to send the boys to their rooms to get their work done and know that they can lock their doors and do their work without her barging in.
  5. My husband might finally do some stuff around the new house….lol.  If you have read my prior posts you might remember that my husband hates my current house.  To him it represents my past, and my past equals my former marriage.  I was living here when my current husband and I met, and to him my house has never been a place where he has felt comfortable nor felt like he could call it or make it his own.  Historically anytime anything has needed to be done or fixed around the house I was usually the one doing the “doing or fixing” or at least the “nagging” for him to help me.   Now, we will have a house that will be OURS and I can’t wait to see him in action!
  6. Our family room (yay we will have one of those) will be right off of our kitchen so mommy won’t be left in the dust when everyone tries to scatter after a meal.  I am excited to still be in the general vicinity of everyone when they try to take off after dinner.  It will be much easier to reign them back to help in the new house than it is now where my kitchen is  isolated at the back of my house.
  7. My laundry room is on the main floor – enough said!!!
  8. I have a huge walk-in closet, double sinks in the master bathroom and a master bathroom – again enough said!!!

More to come in the upcoming weeks…. Keep you all posted!!!