So my daughter came home from nursery school all excited today because in her cubby was a goodie bag.  And in this goodie bag were all sorts of cute little trinkets that ranged from a bracelet, to a ring, to some candy, and even a whistle.  Yes you read correctly, a whistle.  A high pitched, very annoying, shrill whistle.  Well my daughter thought that this whistle was the greatest thing in the entire world.  It was of course pink (one of her favorite colors), had Trolls on it, and made the most delightful noises (sarcasm) when blown into incessantly.   I was quick to inquire as to what classmate she received this goodie bag from as I more or less wanted to know what idiot of a parent deliberately inflicted this kind of torture on my poor unsuspecting ears and last nerve.

As my daughter walked around the house puffing away on this wonderful toy, I secretly began to contemplate how I would rid my house of this horrific ear splitting noise device….. would it be an accidental trash toss out? would it just go missing?  or maybe it will somehow end up broken (not a far-fetched idea considering how my kids are with their toys)?

As of this moment I have yet to carry out “my whistle hit.”  In fact, as I write this, the whistle is on the table next to me….where it will stay at least for now.  And while I might not know exactly what to do with it, I do know what my message about it will be.  I would caution parents to use common sense when it comes to giving out toys or trinkets that make noises that could be construed as obnoxious.  While the toys or trinkets might be cute, not every parent welcomes that kind of noise in there home.  In fact, I would hedge a bet that many moms (and dads) would be grateful to skip another noise-making item, especially when one’s household is often noisy enough.