I think most moms would agree that motherhood is not all it’s cracked up to be.  This is not to say that it is not rewarding or fulfilling – because it certainly has its moments and those are beyond words.  But the majority of the time motherhood is no walk in the park.  In fact it can often feel like a prison sentence, a very long and very hard prison sentence.  Harsh – maybe.  But any mom who would kill to get through a cup of coffee while it’s still hot (without microwaving it) or eat a candy bar without having to share, knows what I am talking about.  Motherhood is demanding, the hours suck, the pay is lousy and you can’t call in sick – even when you feel as if you are dying – believe me I have tried.  Motherhood requires me to cook (a lot) and be creative in my meal preparation because god forbid we circle through the same recipes in a week – oh the horror.  Motherhood requires that I clean up after a whole bunch of people that seemingly have no concept how to pick up after themselves – and it is certainly not for lack of being shown 1 million times.  Motherhood requires that I repeat myself all the friggin time – and still get the same disengaged reaction or snippy response.  Motherhood requires that I do laundry – and a lot of it.   Motherhood requires that I get up early to ensure that everyone else’s day starts on time and that I stay up late because it’s the only time I can finish re-putting the house back in order – again.  Motherhood means I help with homework and I drive the kids to extra-curricular activities – not sure why but that’s just how it is.  Motherhood means I also incorporate fatherhood tasks into my day as well – that is,  I shovel snow, I take out the trash, I do yard work, and I scoop dog poop.  Motherhood means I am the last to eat and it’s usually cold by the time I sit down.  Motherhood means I will never be alone when I have to pee and that my kids will come from the far corners of my house and congregate in the very room I am in at the exact moment I need make an important phone call.   Motherhood means I get the be the “bad guy” when it comes to discipline and the one who is “no fun” when I won’t let the kids make slime in the house. Motherhood means that I am the one who worries if my kids are happy, well-adjusted, and socially accepted; and if they are doing well in school and staying out of trouble.

Motherhood is not easy, not by a long-shot.  I just wish it were more appreciated by those in my household….