Some days I just want to wave the white flag, throw my hands up in the air and concede defeat.  Other days I want to run far far away and never EVER come back.  Being a mother and wife is quite frankly a completely exhausting undertaking in which the return often is lost in the chaos.  You are everything to everyone in your family – and at times it goes unnoticed, under-appreciated, or is taken for granted.  It’s during these times I have contemplated quitting….Yup, quitting motherhood.  Running away and selfishly just taking care of the one person who gets taken care of least of all – ME.  Of course the reality is that I never actually would run away, but when everything is crazy and hard I’d be lying if I said that the thought hadn’t crossed my mind.  Especially when….

  • My kids decide to act like complete assholes at the most inappropriate times… Yes, please talk back, be rude, put me on the spot when I am talking to the neighbor, or on the phone or out at the store….like that is going to somehow make you more endearing to me.
  • My husband acts like just because he worked all day he’s that he is entitled to relax and yet when I work all day I am still expected to make dinner, clean the house and get the laundry put away….I am NOT the maid so stop treating me as if it’s in my job description.
  • Within 5 minutes of being woken up my kids are already at each other’s throats – which is often before I have had a chance to finish my morning coffee….yes please whine and carry on because you have to go to school and I asked you to make sure you make your bed and brush your teeth.  As if all my requests are some foreign concepts that no one has ever asked of you before and I am just some mean ridiculous women who is asking the impossible.
  • My kids are under the impression that they are entitled to things “just because” and like to whine and carry on incessantly in the hopes I will ‘give in to their demands.”  Like my middle son who has for a week straight been hounding me to let him get a certain game on his phone.  He has been relentless in his approach but I am hanging on to my “No” answer.
  • Everyone scatters from the dinner table and leaves me to clean up but then simultaneously wants help with their homework, taking a bath (my 4 year old), and whatever residual requests are still out there.  I am only one person people!!!  Even my husband is guilty of eating and running.  Ugh!
  • I have strategically plotted out how to get each kid to their after-school activities and one of my kids decides to tell me how unfair I am because we can’t make what I will call an “unsanctioned stop.”  Seriously, do they have no concept of time – wait don’t answer that – its completely rhetorical.
  • My husband takes off to play golf on pretty much most nice days…. oh wait, sometimes I don’t mind because then I don’t need to trip over him at home….lol
  • I can’t even go to the bathroom or talk on the phone uninterrupted.  Seriously, my kids can ignore me 95% of the day but the moment I pick up the phone or go into the bathroom they are like a swarm of bees to honey.  There is no respect, no privacy, no consideration…..
  • I make a nice dinner and hear from someone, “I don’t like that or I didn’t want that.”  Well than by all means please feel free to make the next meal.  I would be more than happy to step aside, sit down and put my feet up while you cook for the entire family
  • Everyone wants something of me at the same time and gives me attitude when I can only get to one thing at a time… While I might be part superwoman, supermom, and super wife I still am human.  I can only help one person at a time despite my best efforts.

I love my family but some days…..