To the Best Three Persons a Mom could have asked for,

Life is not easy, nor often fair, nor kind…. Life is full of challenges, demands, and responsibilities.  In life you will be tested, you will be hurt, you may fail, and you will make mistakes.  But, because of all of this, you will succeed and you will ultimately forge your own path that will bring you happiness and joy.

My dear children, never underestimate what you can do, nor let others tell you what you can’t.  Believe in yourselves, pursue what you are passionate about, and never stop trying to attain what you dream.

Don’t follow my example as I have made plenty of mistakes, but learn from what I have done or not done; said or not said.  Don’t settle because you think you have no other choice; but rather find the courage to change what is stagnant and move on.

Find true and real love, not an ideal that when unwrapped is a lie.  And love fiercely and loyally.  Protect what you love, cherish it, and embrace it whole heartedly because it is precious beyond words.

Learn to talk, to listen, to hear what is being said.  There is no greater loneliness than silence.

Do what I say, and not what I do and you will find your truth.  Always remember that you all are the best of me and I am proud of you beyond words.  You’re growing up so fast and while I can’t wait to see who you become, I love knowing who you are now.