The bane of my existence from September to June – homework time.  Just asking my kids if they have homework can bring on a wide range of emotionally charged responses and unsolicited meltdowns.  As if I, the woman who has cleaned, done laundry, food shopped,  and dinner prepped throughout the day, wants to spend her evening up to her eyeballs in Algebra or English.  I would rather shove wooden spikes underneath my fingernails then endure the epic moaning, coupled with my own inability to work my way through word problems that I didn’t understand 20 years ago and haven’t gotten much better at today.  All the while I am attempting to help my kids with their homework (and not to lose my shit),  I hear my father’s words echoing in my head “I went to school already.”  Ahhhh that famous phrase he would utter so many years ago when I was in school and needed some help.  How the tables have turned….

So when its time to help my kids with their homework, it ironically is also time for wine.  Wine makes it bearable – kind of.  Wine dulls the aggravation, lessens the frustration, and even enables me to laugh at the ridiculous of “Sally has 82 watermelons….”  As if… Wine makes me less likely to snap when my kids have their freak out moments of “I can’t do this” followed by the wailing and the tears (sometimes the tears are mine I confess).  Wine makes me feel mellow and question the meaning of homework – and why my kids are only in school for 6 1/2 hours a day.  I mean, maybe there wouldn’t be (as much) homework if the school day was the length of a work day – or at least a solid 7 hours.   Seriously, how much can they truly learn in such a short amount of time?

Wine – it’s what I need…. to survive homework time….