As moms we all have them…. Pet Peeves… I thought I’d share a few of mine….

My kids drawers looking like disasters literally hours after I just refolded and NEATLY put away all of their clothes.  Apparently it’s quite an undertaking to remove 1 shirt without disrupting the entire drawer.

Book reports, or any reports for that matter.  This includes current events, summaries, and any other projects that get sent home.  I have no desire to be privy to the procrastination, be subject to the whining, or be begged for help in the 11th hour.  I don’t want to learn about anything I myself didn’t choose to learn about, and I certainly don’t want to relearn something I learned about over 25 years ago.

Having to sign anything the day that it’s due…

Being given something to wash at 10 pm the night before it’s needed for school.

Lunch boxes that don’t get emptied out on Fridays.

Wet towel on my kids’ bathroom floor.

Cleaning my kids’ shower only to find two conditioner bottles and no shampoo.  Hmmm,  What the heck are you washing your hair with?

Dry toothbrushes after proclamations of “But I just brushed my teeth.”

Complaints that there is nothing to eat AFTER I’ve just gotten back from a food shopping.

Not being able to get through an entire cup of coffee without my kids calling my name at least a million times.

Not being able to make a phone call in peace.  I mean seriously, you ignored me for the last 4 hours but now, the moment I get on the phone, is when you want to tell me about your day….

And finally, the good old saying of, “I’m bored.” As if …