Do I stay up late and enjoy the peace and quiet or do I go to bed and, if I’m lucky get a solid 6 hours of sleep…. Hmm it’s such a hard choice.  The same can be said for waking up earlier than expected.  Do I just get up and attempt to get things done before the circus arises or do I chance it and hope to catch another 45 minutes of sleep?

Let’s face it, as moms we are generally the first ones up in the morning and the last ones to bed at night.  We eat last, shower last (if at all), get ready last, and in general put ourselves last – all so that our families have what they need to function.   It comes at the expense of our general well-being (there are no mommy sick days), our sense of style (hello yoga pants for any occasion), our looks (what’s wrong with a ponytail and baseball cap), and even our mental stability (lately I yell and cry – a lot).

My husband has no clue – not yet anyway (I’ll get more into that in a moment).  Currently he comes home from work, plops on the couch, puts his feet up, and puts on the latest Netflix series he’s binge watching.  Granted in his defense he works long weird hours that start around 3 am; however I work long weird hours as well and I don’t get to flop down and zone out.  In fact, seeing him all chill like that makes me want to punch him in the face – literally.  I mean would it kill you to offer to help the kids with their homework, or entertain your daughter, or even help me with dinner?  I shouldn’t have to ask for your assistance….

I eluded to the fact this this is going to change, and starting this week my husband is going to be home on the days I work and vice versa.  Child care issues prompted this scheduling switch and I honestly can’t wait.  He will now get to experience my everyday life.  He will have to get kids up and off to school, drive our daughter to and from Pre-K, navigate gymnastics and sports practices, and prepare meals.  Of course I also told him that I expected the house to be kept clean, laundry to be done, dishes to be put away, and even some of those “man projects” to finally get started (ie. fix the ceiling in the kid’s bathroom – you know, the one that’s had a hole in it for over 3 months).   He looked at me funny when I told him this, but rest assure that it will be grounds for murder if I come home from work and this shit isn’t done.  Chores I aside, I just want him to gain a new perspective, a clue, and an understanding as to what it is I do all day.  He has zero, zilch, nada of an idea of what it actually takes to run a household.  His lack of general empathy and lack-luster spotty appreciation has me often feeling defeated as a wife and mom.   I think he thinks I exaggerate my daily routine….oh honey you have no idea, if anything it’s completely the opposite.   But, soon you will see…