Today was all planned out… I was going to drop my daughter off at pre-K and then head to the gym and do my workout.  Then I planned on hitting the park and doing a few miles (walking) on the track before going to pick her up from school.  A little well-needed, well-deserved “me time” as I like to call it.  You know, the time a mom needs to regroup, mentally recharge, momentarily de-stress, and attempt to pull it all together. But things aren’t quite going according to plan, my plan, my “me plan”.  Yup, my daughter has a case of the sniffles and thanks to a bit of head congestion and a stuffy nose I opted to keep her home and let her rest.  No need to send her and have this manifest itself into a full fledge cold.  So where does that leave me with my “me time”.  It doesn’t… Sounds crazy, maybe.  I mean, she’s up in bed and technically I have all the time in the world right now for me until she gets up.  But after I finish the cup of coffee I am drinking and this blog post I will feel compelled to straighten up, catch up on some laundry, and start tackling all the little things that are on that “list” of mine – you know, the one that contains all the stuff you’d love to get to if you finished all of your regular chores.  What I should do is my home workout – I am tempted, and I might just start it – but it’s not the same -its never the same as a good gym workout.  So bye bye “me time”… until we meet again – on Thursday (I hope).