Lately it’s become quite clear where I stand (or don’t for that matter) with various people in my life.  You know the ones… they only call when they need something, want to complain about someone; or when something life altering has occurred to them, for them, or with them.  You’re notoriously their second choice, back-up option, or default when their first choice falls through; but you’re expected to show up to whatever the event is, no matter when it is, regardless of when you were notified.  These are the people that no matter how hard you try to include them, always seem to let you down and prove to you time and time again that you are not worth their time.  These people will bend over backwards for others, will magically recover from illnesses, will drive hours to see others, but will waffle on their commitment to you.

So, these are the relationships you prioritize to the bottom of the pile.  You stop putting forth an effort, you stop being available, you stop asking, and you stop including.  You stop enabling by no longer being tolerant of the behaviors that completely undermine you and your worth as a person.  Your actions have no malice, but are merely you taking a stand against toxic behaviors that you no longer wish to accept into your life.  Relationships must be cultivated, tended to, honored, respected, and shown their worth.  If this cannot be done, then there is no relationship to begin with.