Sure there are times I yell, freak out, and lose my shit on my kids – who doesn’t.  But underneath it all, my kids are my joy.  Their smiles light up my world, their innocence restores my faith in humanity, and their inquisitiveness helps me to always appreciate all that I know.  It can be easy to forget all of this when you’re run ragged by life, when your pulled in a million different directions with competing priorities, and when the demands on you far exceed your reserves.  But, at the end of the day, there is a certain calm and peace that you feel when you take poise, stand back, and really take in these incredible human beings that you have created.   These are the moments that are priceless, that help you to reset your self, reflect, and recharge.  These are the moments that help to erase the trials of the day – or at least lessen them.  These are moments that as a mom you treasure.

With each passing day the balance of time I have with my kids shifts.  When they were born I thought I had all the time in the world with them.  And while that may be true, thirteen years has already passed with my oldest.  Next year he will be in high school  and the idea that in 5 years he will essentially move on to a new phase of his life is bittersweet for me.

So cherish the moments in between the chaos.  Enjoy the snippets of true calm and joy.  Put aside the that which distracts and detracts you from truly savoring these incredible (little) people.