The other day we had the scare of our lives – the beginning of an electrical fire in our breaker box.  While it never got to the point of flames and smoke; it did involve burning plastic, a horrific smell, an arching electrical current, a very hot-to-the-touch breaker, and the subsequent need to call the fire department.  Thankfully we caught it before real tragedy befell us.  My husband (who is very handy) was able to change out the bad breakers, we’ve been in touch with an electrician, and the plan is to replace the panel as recommended.  However I won’t feel completely safe and at ease until that panel has been changed and I know all the breakers have been thoroughly examined; and if needed changed or updated.

When I think about what could have happened I am overcome with this sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Looking back at the events that led up to our scare, there were a few subtle warning signs however I missed them; or rather wrote them off as something else.  The consequences of this could have been devastating.  Because of this I have gone into full vigilant mode.  I have checked all smoke detectors, checked my fire extinguisher, and am frequently checking the breaker box itself for any weird smells or heat.  I have been sleeping on the couch in my family room all because it’s close to the basement, and if something happens I am under the assumption I will become aware of it sooner and can take action.  I have even been afraid to leave my house because I am nearly paranoid about what might happen if I’m not home to catch it.

This is has been incredibly stressful for obvious reasons.  Your home is the one place you should feel safe and secure, not nervous and wary.  I know I will feel much better once the electrician completes his work, however I am waiting to hear back from him as to when this will be.  In the meantime I will continue my vigilance because that’s what mom’s do.