As a mother, I’ve come to realize that there are quite a few things that give me anxiety, are cause for me to worry, or result in my high level of stress.  Interestingly enough, they’re not the big things you would think of as a parent.  Don’t get me wrong, I worry about my kids physical safety and emotional well-being all the time.  Thinking that something bad could happen to them is very anxiety-provoking so I try not to.  The anxiety, worry, and stress that I am referring to in this post is different….

For instance, I have as much anxiety checking my kids online grade-book as I do checking my online bank account balances.  Sound crazy, not really.  Both always offer up a lot of WTF moments and are the source of much stress in my life.  Here’s where I find out that claims of no homework days before was actually the time to be studying for a test or completing a school project.  And boy does that just send me into a tailspin.  I’m not saying that my kids need to get straight “A’s” – but I am pretty damn sure that neither is living up to their full potential.

This leads me to the next thing I stress about – raising a generation of dumb-asses.  Yes I said just that – DUMB-ASSES.  I am sorry but technology has done absolutely NOTHING for our children other than foster illiteracy, a lack of communication skills, and a dependency on google, You-Tube or Siri.  Everything is on the computer, the tablet, the smartphone, etc.  Even in school it is this way.  There are few if any actual textbooks now-a-days because everything is chrome books and online lessons.  Good forbid my kids have to read a book.  I truly believe that this is why they can’t spell or write well at all.  And truth be told, they don’t care because they have spell check and autocorrect which will just fix it for them.  They also write how they speak which is completely and grammatically incorrect.  And again, they don’t care because a good portion of their generation speaks how they text.  This just make me crazy.  The ability to communicate verbally is so greatly hampered by the fact the majority of our communications are via text or email.  No one likes to TALK to anyone anymore.  Have you ever seen a group of teens together? They are all on their phones texting – one another – while standing right next to each another.  You have got to be kidding me.

I also stress over my kids general lack of interest in being productive members of our household.  Granted I have a teenager and preteen – and they are boys, but come on.  The chores don’t change but somehow each of them is conveniently absent-minded when it comes to their responsibilities.  Even my five year old is getting on this lazy train.  What is happening?  It’s certainly not for lack of me trying to keep them on task.  They are just oblivious when it comes to most anything else.  It’s beyond frustrating.

And then there the extracurricular activities.  MAJOR STRESSOR!!!  God forbid you have more than one kid in more than one activity, because as we all know, there are about 80 million options and only 2 parents to get them there – if you’re lucky enough to be available to do so.  After all, you’re busy at an actual job because there’s those little annoyances called the mortgage and the bills that need to get paid.  You’re making “friends” with other parents just to expand your options when it comes to transportation needs.  Let’s face it, now-a-days you need a full-fledged freaking military operations plan to accommodate your children’s lives at the expense of your own life, your sanity, and your sleep.  And let’s not forget that every one of these activities has a nice price tag attached.  So you can go broke while you’re going crazy trying to get your kid involved; because after all you want them to be well-rounded, be social, and explore their potential.  Fuck that.  Most kids aren’t going to the NBA or major leagues but yet they’re on 4 different teams and play all year long.  Please enlighten me how you make that happen because we limit shit in our household to a minimum – and EVEN THAT is hard to pull off.

So I walk around with a constant parental wedgie thanks in part to my phenomenal ability to worry, to stress, and to perseverate on all things kid-related.  Does it get easier? Does it get better?  I don’t have a clue…. But at least I can find comfort in knowing I am not alone and that there are many other wedgied moms walking around just like me.