As a mom it’s so important to make time for yourself.  This can be a near to impossible feat for so many obvious reasons, BUT it is vital to your survival, your identity, and your sanity.

I vowed that 2019 would be the year of me.  That is, I was going to start putting me first rather than last.  I was going to not only make time for me, but demand it.  2018 (along with every other year) had left me tired, burnt out, easily irritated, and on the verge of a meltdown almost every day.  In doing for everyone else I had lost myself, let myself go, and was miserable all the way around.  Little moments I stole for myself were brief and a momentary high because I couldn’t sustain them.  This needed to change.  For the sake of everyone in my household I started being a little more selfish when it came to me.  I started doing some things for myself and didn’t let myself become deterred by the moans and groans of my family, which historically would have altered my follow through.  I started enforcing my children’s accountability when it came to helping out around the house.  I wasn’t doing anyone any favors but letting things slide or doing them myself.  I started sitting down more, watching an occasional television program, and demanding 5 minutes to myself without interruption.  I started making myself more of a priority.

Is it working?  A little yes.  Things aren’t going to magically fix themselves in a month, but slowing I am seeing a change in the patterns that have for so long been engrained in my family.  Do we still have a long way to go – absolutely.  But, change needed to start somewhere and it has.  Patterns are slowly being stripped down and in time new ones are being formed.  Am I optimistic that I can achieve what it is I seek for myself? Cautiously yes.  Time will tell if I can sustain both the momentum I have created and the time I am demanding.