I do a lot of wondering, both as a mother, a woman, and a human being.  Often I wonder if what I am thinking is being thought by others.  Like the following…

Why do people insist on taking selfies in the bathroom? Honestly, I have no desire to see your toilet nor the million self-care products on your vanity.  Isn’t there somewhere else you can pose?

Why is it that the one time I don’t watch to make sure the dog poops outside before bedtime, the time I wake up to poop on the rug?

Why do my children like to push me to the point of going bat-shit crazy?  Do they like that side of me?  Are they trying to see if I might pop an eyeball or have a coronary?  I mean let’s get real now – is it to much to ask for you to get along with one another, make your beds, not talk back, brush your teeth, do your chores – etc?

Why can’t I just purge my closet and be done with it?  Why am I hanging onto clothes in the hopes that I will lose enough weight to one day fit into them again?  As I try desperately to make this a reality, the fact that the clothes still don’t fit is a constant depressing reminder of my inability to achieve this goal.  Maybe it’s time to ditch the clothes and wipe the slate clean.  Maybe it’s not about the weight at all.  Maybe, even if I lose the weight the clothes still won’t fit because it will have been about the proportions all along.  After three kids my body shape has changed a little (hello wider hips).  Maybe a cathartic cleaning and fresh slate will do more for my mental state than looking at everything that doesn’t fit.

Why when I speak up about how I feel, am I made to feel as if I have no business feeling that way?  I am so not one for confrontation however there are times when others do or say things that have been hurtful or irritating to me and I feel compelled to say my peace.  Yet it seems to come at the cost of then feeling worse – how can that be?

Why when I make a nice dinner does no one feel like eating it, but when I don’t have anything planned is everyone starving?

Why is the last load of laundry that needs to get done the one that contains all the items my kids are looking to wear but can’t because they’re not yet clean?  As if the 82 million other clean loads don’t contain a darn thing that they could possible put on….

Life is filled with various points to ponder.  Quite possibly do you ponder the same things?  If not, what keeps you guessing?