In a world of surplus and excessiveness I am trying to take on a more simplistic approach when it comes to running my household.  That is, I am trying to buy only what I need when I need it.  I am trying to use up the items in my cabinets and fridge before I restock them.  In general, I am trying to think on a simpler scale.

I hate when things go to waste.   This applies to not only food, but to household items bought but rarely used, toys the kids just had to have but now don’t play with, and clothes and shoes for the kids that they outgrow before they really have had a chance to wear them.  Living in excess offers no benefit if we ultimately don’t have the chance to take full advantage of what we own.  Throwing out food that has spoiled because we didn’t have a chance or forgot to make that item drives me crazy.  It’s not only a waste of the food but a waste of money.  Buying clothes we just had to have, because we swore we’d lose the weight, or go to the gym (hello cute never-worn matching gym outfits), or have a girls night out (come on, this top would look awesome with those jeans) only to give the items away because they never really fit right to begin with or we actually will never have the opportunity to wear the item – yup we’ve all done it….but who are we fooling? Most moms I know live in yoga pants and only need a few pairs of jeans to survive.  And cute tops are nice, but the reality is you only probably need one top because the likelihood of getting out for a girls’ night out is that rare (when you have kids).

The point is, at least for me, is that my household needs to pare it down, all the way around.  And that’s my goal for this year.  So far I am making progress.  I hit the grocery store once a week and just buy what I need for that week.  It might sound like a pain but it’s keeping me in check and it’s keeping me accountable.  I recently had a cathertic cleanse of my closet and got rid of anything that didn’t fit, didn’t fit how I wanted it to but was holding onto in case I lost some weight, or wasn’t really my style (yup it looked good on the model but that’s where it ended).  I donated two whole bags of clothes from that cleanse and, I even have a top or two left in case girls’ night out every becomes a reality.  I did the same thing in my kids closets, got rid of items that they outgrew or were outgrowing and gave them to friends with kids.  Yes I know many of us do this, but sometimes we need to do it much sooner.  That’s the only way you realize what your kids actually own that fits rather than speculate and buy something that isn’t really needed or buy it in the wrong size because you didn’t pay attention.  Hello my middle child that now has way to many pairs of jeans.

So 2019 is going to be the year of less.  And by living with less maybe we will actually be living with more…