How is it that I haven’t blogged in a dog’s age?  Oh wait, I up and changed jobs, took on more responsibility and in turn totally sent my schedule into a tailspin.  Days off changed and became less, the need to be more accessible to staff increased, and any free time I’d been hoping for when the kids returned to school vanished.  Factor in the kids’ busy schedules with sports and social activities, my husband’s work schedule and I might as well pencil time in to pee and brush my teeth.

Yet at this very moment, I found a precious few minutes that I have claimed for myself.  A few minutes in which I’m indulging my blogging passion and throwing down my thoughts onto this page.  A quick reflection, a pause, a breath – all to regroup so as to tackle what lies ahead.  I have so much to share, new and relatable material generated by the everyday parental battles that take place in my household.  I am optimistic, hopeful, and anxious to blog once again.  It’s good to be back…..